Paije Nobles, MS, RDN

Paije Nobles, MS, RDN

Paije Nobles

Registered Dietitian & Medical Nutrition Therapist

In order to reduce the shame and guilt from the “good” food “bad” food mentality, I follow an “all foods fit” approach regardless of where you are with your nutrition goals. I am focused and committed to helping my clients improve how they view food and love to build genuine rapport with those I work with. In doing so we are together building a safe place where they can be themselves. I would like my clients to know that I am not the food police. I am not here to tell them what they can or can’t have. I am here to help them enjoy all of the foods they love and figure out which ones fuel them to be their best selves.

I completed my Bachelor of Science in dietetics at Arizona State University and my Master of Science and dietetic internship at Auburn University. I have worked in all levels of care and love helping clients through outpatient continued care as they maneuver the nuances of life in recovery.

Recovering from an eating disorder is not easy and can be extraordinarily difficult at times, however the more we work together the more at peace you will feel when you eat. I will be there to support your recovery journey every step of the way.

Initial Assessment: $175 | 50 Min Follow Up: $130* | 30 Min Follow Up: $70*

*10% off when you get a package of 6 sessions

Paije Nobles, MS, RDN

Get To Know Paije

I would tell my teenage self to practice body neutrality/positivity. I would tell myself that my body will change and that is normal and okay!

I love being around friends and family and enjoying a day by the pool or inside playing games.

My dad always told me to put myself first and do what is best for me and not sacrifice myself for others.

When I was a kid I wanted to be a veterinarian.

If there was a movie about my life, Sarah Hyland from Modern Family, would play me. We look similar and her personality cracks me up.

I love having breakthroughs with my clients or knowing that we are close to a breakthrough. That gives me the most energy!

As a student of ASU I had a professor who worked in eating disorders and she was the most knowledgeable and passionate person I met. It drove me to follow in her footsteps and be just as passionate.

My first job was a life guard for the City of Chandler at my high school pool.

I would be cheetah/leopard print. I don’t even have to tell yo why, as soon as you meet me, you will understand.

I am most proud of reaching my goals to becoming a dietitian.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be Marilyn Monroe. I felt that she didn’t have anyone in her life that didn’t use her for her fame and I would want to be that friend she could feel safe with.

I am most grateful for my family. They have always supported me in whatever I want to do.

I love helping others live life outside of diet culture. 


Convenient and secure in the comfort of home or whatever private location you like. HIPAA compliant virtual counseling sessions.

In Person

In person appointments are available at our North Scottsdale office located at 8700 E. Vista Bonita Dr. Suite 202. (Pinnacle Peak & Pima)

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Kristine doesn't just believe in and understand the science of nutrition and eating behaviors, she lights a path of healing with positivity, honesty, and safety. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to move past food fears to a place of lasting health and recovery.
Grateful Client
Type II Diabetes/Eating Disorder
Kristine has a remarkable combination of clinical knowledge, sound teaching practices, warmth, and firmness that enables her to excel at her work. She is an excellent team player while still being an independent thinker not afraid to express and defend her opinions.
Gail Hall
When an eating disorder took over my life, Kristine was perhaps the biggest reason why I was able to take back control of my life and physical/mental health. I cannot thank her enough. Kristine is the very best person you want to seek out if you are struggling with food/eating/body challenges.
Grateful Client
Recovered From Binge Eating Disorder (BED)
Kristine Sinner, MS, RDN, CEDRD is everything you want in a dietitian - knowledgeable, personable, and passionate about the people she serves. I work with her daily and completely trust her with my patients.
Brad Zehring, D.O.
Board Certified Psychiatrist & Eating Disorder Specialist
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