Diana Douglas

Diana Douglas
Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences

Diana Douglas

Diet Technician

Diana Douglas is a recent graduate from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences. Diana is continuing her education and will be getting her PSM in Applied Nutrition to get her license as a Dietitian. She was born and raised in New York and moved to Arizona when she was 10 years old, with her brother, sister, and both her parents. While attending Grand Canyon University, she worked full time at Harper Physical Therapy as a Physical Therapist technician. She worked with them for 5 years and met many different individuals with different stories and was able to provide a fun and inviting atmosphere. This is also where Diana met the owner and Registered dietitian/Medical Nutrition Therapist, Kristine Sinner. Kristine got to watch Diana work with people and loved the way she was committed and dedicated to her patients, so she invited Diana to do some shadowing hours with her and Diana fell in love with what Kristine does every day. Diana also worked for a non-profit organization called Sports Kidz AZ and worked with many kids from the ages of 5-years-old to 19 years old and was able to teach them multiple different sports and help them learn new ways to interact with one another.

During her free time, Diana enjoys playing soccer, going on hikes and mountain bike rides, she loves to explore, and loves to watch cooking and home make over shows. Diana also is always up for a challenge when it comes to trying new things and new sports. She has a dog who is an Australian Shepard who keeps her on her toes at all the times. She has a very close connection with her family as they do many game nights and trips together.

diana douglas

Get To Know Diana

Don’t worry about what others think because heart is more powerful and will take you further in life than looks.

The things that energize me are mountain biking, working out, playing soccer, being with family and friends, playing card games, camping, kayaking, being outdoors.

Trust in the Lord with everything you do and where you go and never lose faith in the highs and lows of life because there is purpose of it all.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a nurse and working in the medical field.

The people and just being able to help bring light into their lives!

Personal experience through weight change, through sickness, and than when I was working in my PT clinic, I came along to meet the owner of an Eating Disorder Clinic who was a Dietician and that is the path I decided to go on after I got sick and started shadowing and I just graduated with Bachelors in Science in Nutritional Sciences.

Overcoming challenges in life that I have faced and learned from and used in my advantage.

The color crayon I’d be is baby blue because I love how peaceful it is and the sky is baby blue and every time I look at it, it brings me happiness and just light to the world.

Their is hope in any situation someone is in, change isn’t easy but powerful, and honestly is something I am all about. 

My entire family, grandparents, aunts and uncles who have passed. Do a huge dinner with all of them at my age now to learn and hear their stories and to be all together one last time.

My parents because they have always supported me and encouraged me when I have my highs and lows.

Honestly, I would make the most of the extra hour, whether is working out, reading, spending time with family, but it would be filled with something (except sleep).

To see people transform and become stronger as an individual is just amazing and through the hard times and good times, you get to be there.

I would potentially become a physical therapist or work in an outreach program.

I want the best option for their loved one, I am willing to work and understand what they want for their loved ones, and I’m here for their loved one to help.

You are never alone on your walk and journey, as I cannot make changes for you, as that is in your hands, but I am here to support you and listen to you.

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