Eating Disorder Certification

If you have a passion for treating clients with eating disorders, make sure you have the appropriate recognition for your clinical experience. Your CEDS certification thru IAEDP will be your badge for demonstrating your commitment to your community by showing clinical excellence in the treatment of eating disorders. 

By choosing your CEDS-S Supervisor, joining IAEDP, and completing CEDS courses requirements, you will benefit from your CEDS Certification in the following ways:
* Increased Professional Identity as an Eating Disorder Specialist
* Greater Involvement in Ethical Standards as an ED Practitioner
* Increased Marketability and Consumer Confidence
* Connection with the warm and committed Professional Community of IAEDP


Kristine Sinner MS, RD, LD/N, CEDS-S is an Approved Clinical Supervisor for the State of Arizona. She received her CEDS-S certification from the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals and follows their treatment models and standards. She is a Masters level Registered/Licensed Dietitian and 30-year veteran in the field of eating disorders and has worked with thousands of clients in multiple levels of care throughout the country. She serves as the Education Chair of the Phoenix, Arizona chapter of the International Association for Eating Disorders Professionals (iaedp). She is the owner of Sinnergy Wellness Group, an outpatient group of Registered Dietitians and Licensed Professional Counselors dedicated solely to the treatment of eating disorders in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a young college student in 1989, she had the distinct opportunity to be mentored for 5 years by a highly seasoned Dietitian working in the field of eating disorders. She credits this experience as the most positive and life-changing, influential opportunity she has ever had in her 30-year career. Kristine herself is now happy to offer supervision to Registered Dietitians and therapists working towards their CEDS credential designation. It is her true honor and passion to teach and educate those wanting to work in the field and to give back now to others wanting to learn.

About Supervision with Kristine
Kristine’s approach will be didactic and educational in nature but will foster critical thinking, curiosity, and inquisition. She loves to teach with metaphor, storytelling, and humor. She will combine evidence- based nutrition principles with ED theory so the supervisor will be able to develop and strengthen their skills to be able to view a situation with a strong clinical yet therapeutic comprehensive lens.

Kristine supports wellness and total quality of life (WTQL), her own approach to assisting clients with lifestyle changes that support their values, not her own. In her career, she has seen many approaches to wellness that have proven to be both harmful and beneficial. She will address these issues throughout your supervision experience. She will assist you with learning the art of applying evidence-based practices and theory while preserving the person’s overall wellbeing. In Supervision she will present to you the pros and the cons of the most common treatment approaches and help you develop confidence with your own clinical judgment. She will teach empathy and compassion and the right timing for a firmer more direct hand. She will offer the resources to support what she teaches, and she will give you an opportunity to share, consult, laugh and maybe even cry about your own experiences treating individuals with eating disorders. Kristine values validation and empowerment and loves to guide and support others desiring to learn about how to best support others in their journey to recovery. Confidence is key!
Together you and Kristine will build skills that you as a Dietitian can use to make you feel more confident, more knowledgeable, and help you navigate your way confidently as an Eating Disorder Specialist.
Clinical Specialties and Approach
Sinnergy Wellness Group was founded by Kristine who has been working with eating disorders exclusively for over 30 years. Her group offers adolescents and adults with eating disorders help for Anorexia Nervosa, Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Diabulimia, Orthorexia, Exercise Addiction and Sports Nutrition. Kristine specializes in complex high risk and severely compromised cases. She possesses the critical care experience needed to take on cases at an outpatient level that would traditionally require a higher level of care. Kristine believes everyone deserves treatment and will do whatever she can to help those who need help but cannot otherwise find what they need.

She is a medical nutrition therapist and clinical Dietitian. She uses only evidence-based practices, and her focus is overall wellness. She does not conform to any one approach to eating and wellness but will instead carefully assess the best approach for the individual. Her philosophy on weight issues supports a numbers neutral approach and addresses each person's desire for improved quality of life individually, carefully, and thoughtfully. She will present the pros and cons of each treatment modality and help you think outside the box. She will teach proper application and timing for each type of nutrition related theories and applications. Her areas of expertise are in the nutritionally compromised, binge eating disorder and she is specialized in the refeeding process.

Supervision Philosophy

When you come to a supervised session, Kristine’s primary philosophy is to always keep an open mind and think before you do.  Critical thinking will be emphasized. Given the supervisee may not have extensive experience in treating eating disorders she will provide ample opportunities for this.  Examples of this will be as follows. 

  • Provide resources for further learning and guidance.
  • Discuss the importance of working as a treatment team and how this can support referrals.
  • Discuss and work on the formal case study for the CEDS application as well as information as needed for the exam or to support you in the application process.
  • Discuss career goals, growing your practice and niching into your specialty area.
  • Explore other questions or areas that are important to you and support increasing your skills as a clinician.
  • Explore the various approaches to wellness such as Medical Nutrition Therapy, Health At every Size, Intuitive Eating, Non-diet approach, Mindful Eating.  

Cost and Time

Supervision is scheduled for 55 mins and can be completed via video conferencing or in person.  

Cost is $160 per session. 

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